Happy Monday!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! I don’t know about you, but I wish it was still the weekend. It just goes by so fast! What did everyone do over the weekend? 

On Friday, I wasn’t feeling too hot. All day. From morning to night, I just felt sick. Had a stomachache that would not leave! I thought work would never end. Then after work I headed over to my parents house to drop off some homemade beef jerky that Troy made. I hung out there for a couple of hours but was pretty miserable. I just wanted to go to sleep. And that’s what I did when I got home! Laid down and pretty much passed out. Exciting Friday night, right? 

I woke up on Saturday feeling okay. Still felt a little off but better. I spent most of the morning cleaning up the place and getting ready for my friend, Hammy, coming over. We were going to have a double feature and watch the latest season of Pretty Little Liars. Anyone else love that show?!

These were the movies that we watched. Penelope is one of my favorite movies. I just adore it! Plus it has James McAvoy in it. And well, he is pretty easy on the eyes. 😀. It’s a cute movie. Because I Said So is another favorite. This movie has Gabriel Macht in it and he is pretty dreamy. I just adore the character he plays and the clothes he wears. Hammy hadn’t seen those movies. Crazy! She liked them. During the double feature, we had candy and popcorn. Then for dinner we had skillet nachos. Troy did most of the work but I helped! Hammy stood around and looked pretty. What a hard job…


Yum yum. Everything hit the spot. We caught up on PLL, and had some much needed girl talk. Saturday was a blast. 

On Sunday, I tried to sleep in since I stayed up way past my bedtime. But that didn’t happen. Go figure. I didn’t do too much that day. Tackled laundry, and worked on wedding invitations for my cousin. We are going to be going out for Father’s Day next weekend since my dad had a band gig. This was the picture he sent me: 

Isn’t he just awesome? Love him. 😀. 

Sunday evening was reserved for watching Food Network Star. Does anyone watch? If so, who are you rooting for? It was the first Sunday without Game of Thrones. Sad face. 

Anyway. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are off to a good start for the week! 💚