Lush – Ocean Salt

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Lush before. That’s normal, right? Apparently it’s all the craze. I get it, too. Handmade cosmetics. No animal testing. Fresh organic ingredients. They’re green… I’m sure you get the picture!
There’s a Lush store by me at Crocker Park. Why not waltz in and see what the hype is about, right? It was super busy in there. Plus it didn’t help that there were literally a million workers there… It was kind of overwhelming to walk into. You didn’t know where to go, and there’s so many different scents hitting you in the face. The crowded side of the store was where their bath bombs were. Therefore, I went to the not so crowded side. 🙂
They have a lot of products. No doubt. Everything and anything for your face, hands, feet, hair, body, etc. I took my time looking at the products. I was asked by a worker if I needed help with anything. I told her that I was looking around, and that it was my first time in the store. I was expecting her to kind of go into some detail about the shop, who they were, what they sell, where certain products are located around the store, maybe give me some recommendations, or tell me her favorite products. ANYTHING! Nope. Nada. Nothing of the sorts. Basically said “Oh, okay, well let me know if you need help” and walked away. Two thumbs up for your customer service there. Am I being too harsh?!


I was immediately drawn to Ocean Salt. If the product is for my face, I’m instantly going to be drawn to it. What can I saw, gotta keep it looking young and good. Yes, I’m getting old. Sigh. Anyway, Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub. On the package, it says “A vodka infused cocktail for bright, fresh skin.” SOLD! You had me at vodka. 😉 But really though, it contains coarse and fine sea salt, organic lime juice to brighten, and avocado butter to soften. Fancy, no? It’s pretty cool too that they have a sticker on the packaging of who made the product, and when. It’s a nice touch. Plus it has a cartoon drawing of the compounder. (Those are the people making the goods. I read that on their site) I had my heart set on getting the scrub. I tried looking around the store more, but quickly was over it. Too many people.

Isn’t it SO pretty. Heart eye emoji!

I’ve used the product a few times now. And I must say, I do enjoy it quite a bit!! The only part I don’t like too much is that the course salt kind of hurts my face when I’m scrubbing. And it’s not like I’m doing it rough either. But it certainly is not uncomfortable enough though to make me stop using the scrub. I do love the scent quite a bit. It’s very refreshing, and I get the lime coming through. The texture of the butter below the salt is so smooth. It’s easy to apply. Wet your skin, scoop some out, scrub, and rinse. And afterwards, be amazed at how soft your skin will feel. It’s SO good!! It is for your face and body, but I use for my face only. I got the smaller size, so, I want it to last a little longer since it’s not exactly cheap. 🙂 I got the 4.2 oz pot and it was $21.95.
I definitely will be getting this again. I’m always careful on what I put on my face. And this is just perfect!
I hope you have a chance to try this out! Have you ever been to Lush, and have any products that you just adore? Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear from you!