Lush – Ocean Salt

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Lush before. That’s normal, right? Apparently it’s all the craze. I get it, too. Handmade cosmetics. No animal testing. Fresh organic ingredients. They’re green… I’m sure you get the picture!
There’s a Lush store by me at Crocker Park. Why not waltz in and see what the hype is about, right? It was super busy in there. Plus it didn’t help that there were literally a million workers there… It was kind of overwhelming to walk into. You didn’t know where to go, and there’s so many different scents hitting you in the face. The crowded side of the store was where their bath bombs were. Therefore, I went to the not so crowded side. πŸ™‚
They have a lot of products. No doubt. Everything and anything for your face, hands, feet, hair, body, etc. I took my time looking at the products. I was asked by a worker if I needed help with anything. I told her that I was looking around, and that it was my first time in the store. I was expecting her to kind of go into some detail about the shop, who they were, what they sell, where certain products are located around the store, maybe give me some recommendations, or tell me her favorite products. ANYTHING! Nope. Nada. Nothing of the sorts. Basically said “Oh, okay, well let me know if you need help” and walked away. Two thumbs up for your customer service there. Am I being too harsh?!


I was immediately drawn to Ocean Salt. If the product is for my face, I’m instantly going to be drawn to it. What can I saw, gotta keep it looking young and good. Yes, I’m getting old. Sigh. Anyway, Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub. On the package, it says “A vodka infused cocktail for bright, fresh skin.” SOLD! You had me at vodka. πŸ˜‰ But really though, it contains coarse and fine sea salt, organic lime juice to brighten, and avocado butter to soften. Fancy, no? It’s pretty cool too that they have a sticker on the packaging of who made the product, and when. It’s a nice touch. Plus it has a cartoon drawing of the compounder. (Those are the people making the goods. I read that on their site) I had my heart set on getting the scrub. I tried looking around the store more, but quickly was over it. Too many people.

Isn’t it SO pretty. Heart eye emoji!

I’ve used the product a few times now. And I must say, I do enjoy it quite a bit!! The only part I don’t like too much is that the course salt kind of hurts my face when I’m scrubbing. And it’s not like I’m doing it rough either. But it certainly is not uncomfortable enough though to make me stop using the scrub. I do love the scent quite a bit. It’s very refreshing, and I get the lime coming through. The texture of the butter below the salt is so smooth. It’s easy to apply. Wet your skin, scoop some out, scrub, and rinse. And afterwards, be amazed at how soft your skin will feel. It’s SO good!! It is for your face and body, but I use for my face only. I got the smaller size, so, I want it to last a little longer since it’s not exactly cheap. πŸ™‚ I got the 4.2 oz pot and it was $21.95.
I definitely will be getting this again. I’m always careful on what I put on my face. And this is just perfect!
I hope you have a chance to try this out! Have you ever been to Lush, and have any products that you just adore? Let me know in the comments! Would love to hear from you!

What’s been happenin’ this week.

Where did I leave off…oh! It was May 4th. Day before Cinco De Mayo! Hope everyone had a fun and safe day. Anyone sick of tacos?! I sure am not! At work, we had a fiesta! That also included margaritas. Jelly?! Well, don’t be. They were virgin. Sigh. But, it was still pretty tasty. There was SO much food. Ground beef, chicken, rice, beans, cheese, olives, onions, tomatoes, 5 pounds of sour cream (right?!), chips, salsa…I’m probably missing something. But, you get the picture. Everyone in the building was invited and I think a good amount of people showed up. I made myself a soft taco with a side of chips and a margarita. Of course. I was part of the clean up crew afterwards. I was definitely okay with that since it meant I got a little break from work. I think it was a pretty darn successful fiesta!

After work, my friend was having her own get together. Troy and I volunteered to make some food. We made a spicy salsa, guac, and a roasted corn and black bean salsa. Think Chipotle, but 10x better. Would anyone be interested in seeing recipes? Let me know! All three were a huge hit. Not a shocker. My friend had a decent spread! Ground meat, chicken, all the fixin’s, cilantro lime rice, beans…. yummy! AND, she had margaritas. Real ones. Gimme the alcohol!



That’s my strawberry margarita. I couldn’t wait for it to get in ma belly! It definitely hit the spot. Isn’t the glass adorable?! Loved them. And can I just mention how much I love her table cloth and the table bench (booth?!)… I have to admit, I’m totally jealous of her apartment decor. Back to the party! Not much left to say – we all ate, drank, talked and had a great time!

Yesterday after work, I went to Lake Isaac for a photoshoot. Not mine. It was for my friend. She has a fashion blog and had a photoshoot done with a chuck of outfits. The photographer is also a good friend of mine. I was there mostly for the social aspect. Here are some snapshots:







And there you have it. That was my adventure at the lake. It was great evening. Beautiful as you can see in those last two photos. You should check out notsohammy.wordpress.comΒ and Those are some really great gals.

Today was spent going to a coffee shop that’s right around the corner for the first time. The Village Bean. It was a quaint little place. The coffee was really good. Troy got a buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate) mocha and I got a caramel macchiato. It wasn’t overly sweet which I really enjoyed. After that, we went grocery shopping. Came back home and relaxed. I painted my toenails, and eventually made a late lunch. Nothing too fancy, just chicken, sweet potato and mushrooms. We eventually made our way to hang out with my mom. We went to Winking Lizard. Just the three of us. My dad was at a band job or else he would have been there too. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy hanging with the mama. Throw in some food, some beer, the husband, and it’s a great time! We hung out for a little bit more at my parent’s house and then just came back home. I have to say, the day went by SUPER fast but it was productive and fun.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! We will be at my grandparents in the afternoon. What is everyone else up to? I don’t think we have anything else going on tomorrow. I’ll be baking some cupcakes! I’d tell you, but I’ll most likely do a post about them. I just absolutely love baking cupcakes. Why might I be baking cupcakes, you ask? Even though it is Mother’s Day…Monday is my birthday! Woohoo!! I’ll be the big 2 7. I’m basically 30… oy.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!

May the Fourth Be With You

I told you I would! Such a nerd, I know. Fun fact. I recently just watched the original Star Wars movies like a handful of months ago. I have this aversion to movies that are older. However I love everything vintage. It doesn’t make much sense, I know. When Troy and I got married, our DJ who is a good friend, added little nerdy music touches. And one of them was a song from Star Wars in the cantina. The cantina song? Eh, not sure. That song was playing as we were cutting cake. At that time, I didn’t pay much attention since I hadn’t seen the movies. But when Troy had me watch them and the song came on, I freaked out! It was super exciting. And I enjoyed the movie! There you go. Cool story right?

After work today, I made dinner. Typically, as in 99% of the time, Troy is the one who is cooking. Hey, he’s the one that went to culinary school! Not my fault. I wanted to take this challenge of me doing the cooking for one whole week. I made a mostly paleo dinner which I plan on talking more detail about hopefully later this week! I’ll have to keep you posted on my adventure of cooking!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Woohoo! Gimme all the tacos! We are having a fiesta at work. And then after work, my friend is having a gathering at her apartment. I was supposed to bake. But, I got home, made dinner, Troy (and me, a little bit) made guac, salsa, and a corn/black bean salsa. After that and all of the cleaning, it’s pretty much bed time. I’m exhausted! On that note, I’m going to curl up in bed and snooze.

Enjoy the day tomorrow! Be safe! I’ll be sure to share some photos!


Just a lazy Sunday

I cannot believe the weekend is coming to a close. It was a pretty good weekend though. Just too short! I think everyone says that.

Today was pretty much a relaxing day. I slept in. That never happens anymore. And when I say I slept in, it was 9 AM when I got up! Technically I was up at around 8 because Elmer, my cat, needed to have his wet food. Because, you know, he hasn’t eaten in like 1 million years… He has this habit of jumping on the bed, walking on me up to my bedside table, sniffing it, then walking on it, to then put his butt down and just sit there. And stare. Once he gets bored of that, he starts to paw at my glasses. I adore him, really I do, but geez, I get annoyed. But then he opens his mouth and only a whisper comes out, and then my heart melts.

I finished up some birthday invitations over the weekend and dropped them off today. Circus themed. They came out pretty adorable. I’m happy about them. The client is having a combined birthday party for 2 of her kids and came to me with a couple of ideas of what she wanted. She is pretty laid back and was pleased with the results.


It’s not the best photo. But there you have it.Β Lemme know if you need anything done. πŸ˜‰

Troy and I did some running around and grocery shopped at Trader Joe’s. I just love that place. It was super crowded which always bothers me. I don’t know about you, but a small store, filled with people, and all of them having carts just makes my anxiety arise! Always a traffic jam. For reals. We ran into family friends which was nice. It took every fiber of my being to not grab all of the cookie butters. Have you tried them?! If not, well, we can’t be friends anymore. There was a cookies and cream one that I really wanted. But, I also wanted the crunchy one, and the chocolate swirl one…basically all of them. However, since I’m trying to be more healthy, I did not pick up any. Plus, Troy wouldn’t let me. Which is SUCH a good thing. I did pick up a treat though. A small bag of dark chocolate covered almonds. They hit the spot. We also hit up Target to get a couple items. Like a planner for adult things. As in financials. That store also takes every fiber of my being to not purchase everything. Sigh. One day, I’ll walk in and just get everything. One day…

Game of Thrones was on tonight. Obsessed. Troy and I watched that while enjoying Hoppin’ Frog Turbo Shandy. Have you tried it before? It’s one of my favorite summer beers. I was super pumped when I saw them in the store. It’s definitely that season where all those yummy shandy’s (shandies?!) are out. Turbo Shandy is very smooth. And strong. I think. But, don’t quote me on it. I’m still finishing it up as I write this. Delicious. The show was pretty good, too. I won’t go into detail just in case some of you haven’t seen it yet.

Tomorrow is another day. Oh Monday. May the 4th be with you. HA! I know, you haven’t heard that before, right?! That actually might be my title for tomorrow’s post. Come back to find out! Oh the suspense!

OK, goodnight.

5k/1 Mile Walk

I’ve never participated in anything like this before. I had received an email when I was at work about my company participating in the local run/walk by West Park in Cleveland. I thought to myself that it could be fun! I should do it. I checked with the husband to see if he would be interested in participating in the walk, and he said he was down! My coworker, who is also a dear friend, signed up for it, too. I was pretty excited about it!

The reason I’ve never done anything like this before is that I have to do low impact workouts because of some bad knees. I also have flat feet. Yuck. Even walking, like the power walking that older people do at the malls, kills me. Some of you might think it’s an excuse, but until you experience what I do, you can’t judge. So when it comes to working out, I stick to the elliptical for example. But anyway, I didn’t think the one mile walk would be too bad. And it wasn’t! Here are some snapshots:IMG_2308This was my action shot of me running. Dorky. I know. Get this. I’ve never worn those pants (leggings?) out in public. Say wha?! True story. I bought them so I could work out in them when I did my DVD’s at home. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to venture out to the public. I didn’t want to be judged because I wasn’t a tiny woman wearing them. Silly, right? But for the walk, I wanted to be comfy! I sucked it up, and wore them. You know what? They were extremely comfortable. I get it now.

IMG_2309Me and the dear friend. We are pretty much matching. Minus the blue and red shirts. #almosttwinsies

IMG_2311And that would be the husband and I. His name is Troy btw. He was sporting the t-shirt we got. I think I was goofing around when we took this pic, hence the pose. #weirdo

IMG_2310Life would not have been complete without a selfie. I was ready to go! I love my sunglasses. Like a lot, in case you were curious.

I didn’t take any pictures while we were walking. I forgot to, honestly. Plus I was chatting it up. But here is the finish line and a picture of my bib. Ha, what a funny name for it.


IMG_2315After the walk, the three of us went out to breakfast. Bob Evan’s. Does anyone else have a hard time deciding what they want when it comes to breakfast?! Man oh man! I decided on a little of everything. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, and brioche french toast. The french toast was my favorite part. Yum. It was a really great morning. I was active, had a great breakfast, and hung out with 2 of my favorite people. Oh, and the weather was awesome. Go Cleveland!