Stay Strong! Don’t Give In!

That’s what I’ve found myself saying lately while at work. Not out loud of course, but in my head. I knew that when I took this job that I would sitting down all day. Sure, I get up to go to the printer a lot, or I make my way to the restroom/lunchroom, but it’s not enough. I’ve started doing a lot of squats. Hello pancake butt! I DO NOT want that. I mean, who does?! Enough about the sitting. As I’m sitting on the couch writing this… πŸ˜‰

Nothing prepared me for the amount of food that I would be coming across often. Now that I am on my healthy adventure, I want to take a closer look as to what goes into my body. There are a lot of sweets that come into that office. Cake. There is literally always cake. Someone’s birthday, this person is retiring, that person has been here 20 years, etc. I’ve never seen so many cakes in such a short amount of time. Yesterday, there were doughnuts. Um, yes please. Then there was Panera pastry this morning. Gimme. But not only are there sweets, there are savory food, too. Leftover Italian foods, sandwiches, bagels…. all thrown into the lunchroom for the people to eat. Yes, those foods can be lifesavers for when you didn’t have time to pack your own lunch or you ran out the door without it. But if you are trying to watch what you eat, it could not end up well.

As I’ve stated before, I love sweets. I want all the sugar all day everyday. Let’s be honest. And bread? Another weakness of mine. See where this is going?! Does anyone else encounter the food struggles of working in an office? Even if you don’t work in an office, my tips can be useful. And I hope they are!

How to stay strong and not give in:

  • Ask yourself if what you want to eat is worth it. Truly worth it. If you had that doughnut, would you feel sluggish later on? Perhaps guilty? I know I would, and I want to stop feeling ashamed. I really wanted a doughnut yesterday, but when I asked myself if it was worth it, I answered no. But, that’s me.
  • Have a stash of your own food. If you are feeling the temptation to cave into something that is off your list, head to your own stash of healthier items. Keep a combination of different food. Salty, crunchy, slightly sweet…
  • Keep in mind WHY you are not eating a particular item. For me, it’s sugar. Why am I not eating refined sugar? Because I want to feel good. I want to become healthy. I don’t want to keep relying on sugar to improve my mood. I also want to look good. Don’t lose sight of your goals.
  • You shouldn’t deprive yourself because you’ll most likely end up going overboard on what you’ve been not having. With that being said, if you do reach for that cupcake, then for the rest of the week try to be really on top of what you’re putting into your body. If you were saving that cupcake for Saturday and you end up having one on a Wednesday, then on Saturday, be really good with your meals.
  • Pack your lunch. It’s a lot easier to do when you have leftovers. In my opinion, you will be less likely to eat leftover sandwiches or pizza in the lunchroom when you have your own cute lunchbox waiting for you in the smelly fridge. No one likes to waste food. That’s money down the drain.
  • Stay hydrated! You might be confusing hunger with just being thirsty. Reach for some water first before that bagel. If you are still hungry, then go for it. If you’re trying to be healthier, opt for perhaps only having half. I know, it’s tough. Trust me.

You are the one that is in control. If you want that piece of cake, have it. I just ask that you ask yourself why you want it and if it’s worth it. If you think it is, then go for it. πŸ™‚ No judgement.

I hope these tricks/tips can help you in your day to day life at work. It’s just what I have come up with from my experience. Do you have any tips?


My Whole 30. Again.

I had done the Whole30Β months back. I discovered it when I read another blogger was currently doing it. I started to read more and instantly got super excited to try it out. I’ve been struggling with my weight for like ever and thought, well, why not! I won’t go into what Whole30 is, but feel free to check it out for yourself here.

Before I did Whole30, I felt okay. Not great, but not horrible. I was always tired, sluggish, everything gave me heartburn. I wasn’t the world’s healthiest eater, and did indulge in my sweets. And bread. Oh how I love me some crusty bread. With cheese. Oh dear. Moving on… On the flip side, I wasn’t a terrible eater either. I ate fruits and veggies and other healthy foods. As to working out. Well, that was pretty much non existent. I was going to the gym for a good while, but fell off that wagon. Has anyone experienced that?! I better not be alone here!

I had been wanting to change how I looked and felt, and Whole30 was a great first step. 30 days. That’s all I needed to try it out. I could do it. And I did! The first week was…OMG…GIMME ALL THE FOODS! But I stuck to my guns and did not cave in. GO ME! The next three weeks were a breeze. Honestly. The food was delicious and I wasn’t wanting sugar all that much. I was happy without it. The best part? NO HEARTBURN! Yup. It was wonderful! My Tums bottle stayed in the cabinet. Buh Bye! I also was feeling energetic. Happy. Alive. I could conquer the world. By the end, I had dropped 20 pounds. My clothes were fitting so much better. I could see a difference. Especially in my face. It was such a glorious feeling. I was really proud of myself for finishing 30 days strong. I honestly did not think I could do it. I for sure gave myself a pat on the back.

And then it ended. Oh boy. I should have just stuck to it! I didn’t fall back into my horrible eating habits, but I didn’t keep up all of the changes I had made. Silly me. I’m back to feeling sluggish, gross, and I have heartburn. Tums pretty much lives on my bedside table. Ugh.

Tomorrow is the start of my journey again with Whole30. I know I can do this. I will do this. I want to feel and look better. Join me on my adventure, won’t you? I’ll be blogging my ups and down. And posting on Instagram with the hashtag #mapgettingfit

This is the beginning of getting back to being healthy. I have NO desire to fit into society’s idea of the ideal weight/shape/look for a woman. I believe I’ll always have curves. I’m more than okay with that. Β This year I’m going to start accepting and loving who I am. This is my one and only shot, right? I’m only getting this one body, I should probably treat it better. πŸ˜‰ However, I do love me some cupcakes… I don’t plan on depriving myself of what I enjoy, I just need to learn on how to do it a lot better. You know, not going overboard. Enough of my babbling, right?!

Has anyone done Whole30? I’d love to hear your stories. Or if anyone has any tips, recipes, comments on diet/exercise, I’d love to hear ’em! Here I go!

Rosemary Shoestring Sweet Potato Fries

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with fries. I can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anywhere in between! However, they have to be crispy. There are some occasions where they could be a little on the softer side – maybe you’re using thick cut fries as a vessel for chili. Yum. Then it’s okay for no crispiness. But today, I was in the mood for some crunchy delicious fries! Recently, as in the last few months, I fell in love. I met a sweet potato, and fell oh so hard. Now, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “What?! How can she be alive for SO many years and JUST now be loving the sweet potato?” Well, you just hold on here. Let me tell you a story…

My first job, I worked in a daycare as an infant teacher. Don’t worry, I didn’t teach much. Just basically hung out with the tiny humans. Adorbs. Anyway, I think it was around Thanksgiving and we were having a potluck. Gimme all the foods! I don’t remember what was actually brought in except one dish. The sweet potatoes. They were covered with brown sugar, maple syrup, and marshmallows. Now, I adore all of those ingredients minus the potato since I haven’t had one prior. I thought to myself, what could go wrong? I have a huge sweet tooth, and who doesn’t enjoy a potato. When I took my first bite of that concoction, I’m pretty positive all my teeth had rotted instantly from all of the sugar. My oh my, I did not like that! I couldn’t even try it again! No way! None for me! I was ruined! Scarred for life! Until a few months ago…

I wanted to become a lot healthier. I’m not a fan of my weight, and I heard of the Whole30. I instantly became intrigued. It was a strict diet, but I had a feeling I could do it. I can go more into detail later about how Whole30 works. For now, lets just keep talking about the beloved sweet potato. Sound good? So, I read about how the sweet potato is actually pretty darn good for you, so I wanted to have it in my diet. My husband was all for it, too. The first night he made me dinner on our Whole30, he had cubed up the sweet potato and dusted them with some Indian spices. I thought I had really enjoyed Indian spices. Nope! I really did not like those potatoes! I couldn’t believe it. Could it just be that I don’t like the actual potato?! I had to try it just one more time. The next morning, my husband made me breakfast. I know, I’m a lucky gal. Sweet potato hash! Fried egg on top, veggies, bacon, herbs. Yum. I absolutely LOVED that breakfast. It finally happened. That’s where my affair with the sweet potato started. I’m sorry it took me this long to love you, sweet potato.

Now, shall we get on with this recipe?

I used two medium sized potatoes. It was just for me and the hubby. I kept the skins on. You should too. They are good for you. Got it? I cut those bad boys in half. Laid the flat side down on the cutting board. Then cut slices. I kept them pretty thin to make sure I can get them thin enough. I’ll be honest, I’m a horrible cutter. Chopper? Not sure what the correct word is here, but I need to work on my cuts to make them even!Β sliced_potato

Once I had those slices, I took about 2-3 at a time and stacked them. From there, I cut them into strips. Again, you want them thin to ensure the crispiness. I did that for the rest of the half potato, and then worked on the remaining potatoes.Β strips_potato

Now, aren’t those just beautiful?! And the knife! I feel somewhat comfortable using the big chef knife, but use whatever knife you feel comfortable using. Make sure that it’s sharp. You always want to use a sharp knife. Once you have all of the fries, you’re going to give them a water bath. This is to remove starch from the potatoes. I filled up a big mixing bowl with cold water, dumped the fries in, and swished them around with my hand. Then, just emptied the water. Simple! I laid a tea towel down on the counter to throw the fries down for them to dry. You could use paper towels here if you choose to. You want to remove as much as the moisture as you can. I used the paper towels for this part since I didn’t feel like looking for another towel. Ha!Β waterbath tea_towel

Next, is the baking sheet. Oh, make sure you have the oven set at 400 degrees. Preheated oven is a must! You could line your baking sheets with foil, or wax paper. I have fancy baking sheets where nothing sticks to them. They’ve got the grooves on them. With the dried fries, place them onto the baking sheet. I used coconut oil spray to coat my fries. Feel free to use olive oil. Toss to coat. Then make sure the fries are in one even layer. If they overlap, they will be soggy. No thank you! Once you have them evened out, next is the seasonings. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh rosemary, and a touch of cayenne pepper.Β fries_bakingsheets

Ok, so the first sheet, I didn’t feel like laying them out one by one. They are crowded on that baking sheet. Wit the second one, I took the extra 2 minutes and laid them out. Once it’s all seasoned, throw them into the oven! I baked them for 9 minutes, then rotated. I set the timer for 8 minutes, but kept my eye on them since they weren’t all even. There were some that were burning, I removed them first. At this point, the kitchen was smelling pretty darn good. I could not wait! When they looked tasty to me, I took them out.Β plated_fries

And there you go. Easy. That was just my plate. I didn’t share. You don’t have to either, I give you permission.