My Whole 30. Again.

I had done the Whole30 months back. I discovered it when I read another blogger was currently doing it. I started to read more and instantly got super excited to try it out. I’ve been struggling with my weight for like ever and thought, well, why not! I won’t go into what Whole30 is, but feel free to check it out for yourself here.

Before I did Whole30, I felt okay. Not great, but not horrible. I was always tired, sluggish, everything gave me heartburn. I wasn’t the world’s healthiest eater, and did indulge in my sweets. And bread. Oh how I love me some crusty bread. With cheese. Oh dear. Moving on… On the flip side, I wasn’t a terrible eater either. I ate fruits and veggies and other healthy foods. As to working out. Well, that was pretty much non existent. I was going to the gym for a good while, but fell off that wagon. Has anyone experienced that?! I better not be alone here!

I had been wanting to change how I looked and felt, and Whole30 was a great first step. 30 days. That’s all I needed to try it out. I could do it. And I did! The first week was…OMG…GIMME ALL THE FOODS! But I stuck to my guns and did not cave in. GO ME! The next three weeks were a breeze. Honestly. The food was delicious and I wasn’t wanting sugar all that much. I was happy without it. The best part? NO HEARTBURN! Yup. It was wonderful! My Tums bottle stayed in the cabinet. Buh Bye! I also was feeling energetic. Happy. Alive. I could conquer the world. By the end, I had dropped 20 pounds. My clothes were fitting so much better. I could see a difference. Especially in my face. It was such a glorious feeling. I was really proud of myself for finishing 30 days strong. I honestly did not think I could do it. I for sure gave myself a pat on the back.

And then it ended. Oh boy. I should have just stuck to it! I didn’t fall back into my horrible eating habits, but I didn’t keep up all of the changes I had made. Silly me. I’m back to feeling sluggish, gross, and I have heartburn. Tums pretty much lives on my bedside table. Ugh.

Tomorrow is the start of my journey again with Whole30. I know I can do this. I will do this. I want to feel and look better. Join me on my adventure, won’t you? I’ll be blogging my ups and down. And posting on Instagram with the hashtag #mapgettingfit

This is the beginning of getting back to being healthy. I have NO desire to fit into society’s idea of the ideal weight/shape/look for a woman. I believe I’ll always have curves. I’m more than okay with that.  This year I’m going to start accepting and loving who I am. This is my one and only shot, right? I’m only getting this one body, I should probably treat it better. 😉 However, I do love me some cupcakes… I don’t plan on depriving myself of what I enjoy, I just need to learn on how to do it a lot better. You know, not going overboard. Enough of my babbling, right?!

Has anyone done Whole30? I’d love to hear your stories. Or if anyone has any tips, recipes, comments on diet/exercise, I’d love to hear ’em! Here I go!


2 thoughts on “My Whole 30. Again.

  1. nicole May 31, 2015 / 10:06 PM

    You got this sis!!! 😊💜 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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