Chocolate Cupcakes. Marshmallow Fluff. Nutella Buttercream.

Wowza! That is quite a delicious cupcake, if I do say so myself. Like I stated in my other post, I made those for my birthday which was on Monday. I knew I wanted to do a chocolate cake, but wasn’t quite sure what else should go with it. There are just too many options. I originally was going to do a peanut butter mousse. Oh. My. Word. Peanut butter mousse is heavenly. However, it just didn’t seem special enough for my birthday, ya know? Then it hit me. Nutella. I’m such a sucker for anything hazelnut. Really. And who doesn’t enjoy Nutella?! It’s absolutely delightful! Okay. So. I had my chocolate cupcake and Nutella buttercream. It just needed an extra kick. I couldn’t come up with it! I asked Troy for his opinion, and we bounced ideas off of each other. And then there it was. Marshmallow. Homemade marshmallow of course. How dreamy it would be to bite into a cupcake and have the fluffiness of marshmallow ooze out. Yum! That is the story behind this perfect cupcake.

Does anyone follow Sally’s Baking Addiction? I absolutely adore her and all of her goodies. I use her recipe for the chocolate cupcake. It works every time. I wish I was super cool enough to have my own recipe, but I do not. One day! For now, Sally is my BFF. Click here for her recipe for the chocolate cupcake. You honestly won’t be disappointed.


Don’t they look just perfect? And those liners! Those are from Wilton. I found them at Giant Eagle. (That’s a grocery store for those not familiar). I’m a huge fan of liners that keep their color and patterns. I thought they would be quite fitting for the occasion. You can get them here.

I made 2 dozen of the cupcakes from Sally, and 1 dozen from Against All Grain. I’ve been wanting to dabble into the Paleo world of baking. And this recipe, was a huge success. My coworker has her cookbooks and was kind enough to lend me them to flip through. She also sent me a picture of the chocolate cake recipe since I hadn’t yet bought the books. I highly recommend this recipe and checking out her blog and books!

Once the cupcakes were all done baking and they were all cooling together on the rack, it was time to make the marshmallow fluff. By this time, it was 10PM on Sunday night. I started baking at 7, took a break at 9 for Game of Thrones (duh), and then got right back to it. I wanted to make the fluff easily. I didn’t want to spend time with the candy thermometer or using corn syrup… gimme something quick and easy!

Marshmallow Fluff
3 Egg Whites
2/3 Cup of Sugar
Healthy Pinch of Cream of Tartar
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

You’ll need a small pot with a little water in it to be simmering. Then, a heatproof bowl will go on top of the simmering water. The egg whites, sugar and tartar should all be in that heatproof bowl. Start whisking!! Use those muscles! You want to keep whisking until the mixture is warm. I just used the tip of my finger to determine if it was warm or not. Once the mixture is warm, transfer to the mixer (or use a hand mixer). Beat on high until stiff and glossy peaks form. It’s such a beautiful thing. Breathtaking, perhaps. You will want to beat the vanilla in there. I use my homemade extract. Mine was at the end of the bottle, and it had A LOT of beans. Talk about an explosion of flavor from those. I used a little more than one teaspoon just because I really really really like vanilla extract. That’s the marshmallow. See, it’s easy. IMG_2162

Can you see all of those little specs?! That’s the vanilla. Such a wonderful site. Doesn’t that fluff look like a cloud that you just want to jump on?! Ugh. I love it! I easily could have eaten the whole bowl. No shame.

I usually core out the middle of the cupcakes when I make a filling, but I wanted to try just cutting a slit along, and then piping the fluff in. I used disposable piping bag and a small tip. I think I’ll stick to carving a core into the cake. It would be easier to do, in my opinion.

Nutella Buttercream
Room Temperature Butter (I used 4 sticks because I had 3 dozen cupcakes)
Powdered Sugar
Vanilla Extract
Heavy Cream (Optional)

Cream the butter together until it’s all light and well, creamy. Add powered sugar. I don’t have an exact measurement because I just sort of dump. I start with about half a cup at a time. I have a tendency to not put in a lot of sugar in my buttercreams. Once the sugar is mixed with the butter. Add the Nutella. Again, no exact measurement for me. I had to pipe 3 dozen cupcakes, so I used just about a full jar. Make sure to taste along the way, that way you can add more if you want a stronger flavor. If the frosting is too thick, that’s where the heavy cream comes into play. Just add a little bit at time until it’s the consistency that you want. Try really hard not to eat all of the frosting until you have piped all your cupcakes. It was really hard for me, to be honest.

I used 2 of my favorite tips for piping the cupcakes. Perhaps I’ll have a post about my favorite tips and how to pipe. That’ll be fun! Piping the cupcakes is probably my favorite part. They each turn out a little different, and I like it.


And that’s the awesome tower and carrier. Isn’t all just so pretty?! That can also hold cake pops. Fun, right?! It did not come with the ribbon. I had some left over from my wedding and thought it would go perfectly with everything. Ah! I just love it SO much!


The cover it perfect. Plus the handle. It’s the greatest! I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. 30 bucks. Not a bad deal! I also love that it has mint details. 🙂

Like I said, the cupcakes were a huge hit and people are still talking about it. I’ve had multiple people tell me to make those again. Some found it weird that I baked cupcakes for my own birthday. Maybe it is. I don’t think it was. I wanted a yummy treat, and I wanted to show off. 😉 You gotta celebrate!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cupcakes. Marshmallow Fluff. Nutella Buttercream.

  1. Hammy May 14, 2015 / 9:56 PM

    I love reading about these almost as much as I loved eating them. Almost xoxo


  2. Arielle May 14, 2015 / 10:15 PM

    Oh my, they look so delicious!! ❤


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