5k/1 Mile Walk

I’ve never participated in anything like this before. I had received an email when I was at work about my company participating in the local run/walk by West Park in Cleveland. I thought to myself that it could be fun! I should do it. I checked with the husband to see if he would be interested in participating in the walk, and he said he was down! My coworker, who is also a dear friend, signed up for it, too. I was pretty excited about it!

The reason I’ve never done anything like this before is that I have to do low impact workouts because of some bad knees. I also have flat feet. Yuck. Even walking, like the power walking that older people do at the malls, kills me. Some of you might think it’s an excuse, but until you experience what I do, you can’t judge. So when it comes to working out, I stick to the elliptical for example. But anyway, I didn’t think the one mile walk would be too bad. And it wasn’t! Here are some snapshots:IMG_2308This was my action shot of me running. Dorky. I know. Get this. I’ve never worn those pants (leggings?) out in public. Say wha?! True story. I bought them so I could work out in them when I did my DVD’s at home. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to venture out to the public. I didn’t want to be judged because I wasn’t a tiny woman wearing them. Silly, right? But for the walk, I wanted to be comfy! I sucked it up, and wore them. You know what? They were extremely comfortable. I get it now.

IMG_2309Me and the dear friend. We are pretty much matching. Minus the blue and red shirts. #almosttwinsies

IMG_2311And that would be the husband and I. His name is Troy btw. He was sporting the t-shirt we got. I think I was goofing around when we took this pic, hence the pose. #weirdo

IMG_2310Life would not have been complete without a selfie. I was ready to go! I love my sunglasses. Like a lot, in case you were curious.

I didn’t take any pictures while we were walking. I forgot to, honestly. Plus I was chatting it up. But here is the finish line and a picture of my bib. Ha, what a funny name for it.


IMG_2315After the walk, the three of us went out to breakfast. Bob Evan’s. Does anyone else have a hard time deciding what they want when it comes to breakfast?! Man oh man! I decided on a little of everything. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, and brioche french toast. The french toast was my favorite part. Yum. It was a really great morning. I was active, had a great breakfast, and hung out with 2 of my favorite people. Oh, and the weather was awesome. Go Cleveland!


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